October 14, 2007–Mending a Broken Heart: St. Patrick Part of New study of MitraClip to Fix Leaky Valves, Missoulian

July 27, 2007–Valve Virtuosos/Heart Surgeons Gather to Debate Latest Tools and Techniques, Missoulian

 Spring 2007–The Cutting Edge: World-Class Heart Institute Celebrates 12 Years, The Montanan

May 15, 2007–At St. Pat’s, Heart Surgery then Home: Using New Procedure, Cardiologist and Surgeon use Stent to Bypass Aneurysm without Opening Chest, Missoulian

January 14, 2007–A Lot of Life Left Yet: 91-Year-Old Arlee Man Convinces Heart Doctors He’s Not Ready to Check Out, Missoulian

September 12, 2006–Heart Attack as Cure: Missoula Cardiologist uses Strategic Attack to Treat Disorder, Missoulian

June 4, 2006–Missoula Now Has One of the World’s Most Advanced Cardiovascular Labs, Missoulian

April 28, 2006–Telemedicine Connects Missoula Doctor, Shelby Patient: Two Missoula Cardiologists Saw Patients in Shelby on Thursday, Missoulian

February 5, 2006–Live Operation Highlights St. Patrick’s ‘A Heart Expo’, Missoulian

February 4, 2006–Live from St. Pat’s, a Peripheral Vascular Angiography, Missoulian

September 17, 2005–New Pumps Provide Safety Net for Patients, The Daily Interlake, Kalispell, MT

July 14, 2005–Valve Job: Symposium Explains Ventricle Procedure to Restore the Heart’s ‘Geometry’, Missoulian

June 19, 2005–St. Patrick Goes Online in Latest Medical Innovation, Missoulian

February 20, 2005–St. Patrick Hospital Celebrates 30 Years of Heart Research and Repair, Missoulian

February 16, 2005–St. Pat’s to Celebrate 30 Years of Healing Hearts, Missoulian

January 29, 2005–Thanks to a New System, Specialists at St. Pat’s Will Soon Be Able to Exchange Information with Other Doctors and Review a Rural Patient’s Tests, Missoulian

July 22, 2004–Symposium Focuses on Consequences of Better Heart Care, Missoulian

July 21, 2004–One Year Later, Beat Goes on for Test-Case Heart Patient, Missoulian

July 21, 2004–Heart Valve Symposium Organizers Aim for More Intimate Setting, Missoulian

June 27, 2004–Missoula Cardiologist Honored for Groundbreaking Work, Missoulian

June 25, 2004–Top Cardiac Specialists Convene for Heart-to-Heart, Missoulian

June 23, 2004–Defense Bill Could Mean Millions for UM-Related Projects, Missoulian

February 10, 2004–Women To Share Stories of Heart: Survivor of Disease, Registered Nurse Aim to Raise Awareness, Missoulian

February 8, 2004–Healthy Celebration: Hundreds Help St. Patrick Hospital Note Milestones in Heart Care, Missoulian

February 5, 2004–30th Annual Heart Expo to Offer Free Blood Tests, Missoulian

Winter 2004–Pathways of Life: New Lab Tackles Vascular Diseases, The University of Montana Office of the Vice President for Research and Development’s Vision Magazine

January 29, 2004–A Great Escape: Man Survives What Doctors Call a ‘Fascinating’ Brush with Death, Missoulian

January 16, 2004–Heartening Advance: St. Regis Man Takes Part in Rare Gene-Therapy Trial at St. Pats, Missoulian

December 26, 2003–UM Expanding: Campus Construction Projects Under Way to Keep Up with Science Research, Missoulian

September 9, 2003–Rhythm Section: Missoula Team’s Electrical Testing Evaluates Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death, Missoulian

September 2, 2003–Habits of the Heart: Teaching Children Essentials of Proper Diet and Exercise is Crucial to Curbing Obesity, A Leading Factor of Heart Disease, Missoulian

August 14, 2003–Matters of the Heart: Visiting Specialists Spend the day Discussing Congestive Heart Failure, Missoulian

August 14, 2003–Conference Focuses on Congestive Heart Failure, Missoulian

July 15, 2003–Docs Seek Standardized Care, Missoulian

 April 26, 2003–Heartening Results: Doctors in Missoula are Using New Coronary Stents to Give Patients Better Lives than Ever Before, Missoulian

September 12, 2002–Trailblazing Cardiologist Steps Down, Missoulian

August 15, 2002–Victims of Success: Heart Surgeons Seek New Fixes for Ailing Organs, Missoulian

June 16, 2002–Mending Broken Hearts: Missoula Cardiologist Has Gained International Acclaim for his Inventions, Missoulian

March 5, 2002–Heart Institute Opens Branch in Bitterroot, Missoulian

February 17, 2002–A Growth Experience: Surgical Team Works to Remove Complex Tumor Encompassing Woman’s Neck, Shoulders and Chest, Missoulian

August 16, 2001–Heart Symposium: Surgeons Discuss Valve Swap, Missoulian

August 15, 2001–Valve Symposium: Ticking Time Bomb, Missoulian

August 14, 2001–Valve Symposium: Cardiac Nurses are at the Heart of Operations, Missoulian

July 18, 2001–St. Patrick Hospital’s Cardiac Unit Ranked in the Top 100 in the Country, Missoulian

Spring 2001–From Mice to Mankind: Seeking Molecular Remedies for Disease, The University of Montana Research View

April 21, 2001–Heart Care Pumps into the Flathead Valley, Missoulian

 Winter 2001–Heart Institute A Godsend For Foreign Student, The University of Montana Office of the Vice President for Research and Development’s Vision Magazine

Winter 2001–The Picture of Health: Outlook Rosy for Montanans
Thanks to UM, Hospital Partnership
, University of Montana Office of the Vice President for Research and Development’s Vision Magazine

December 15, 2000–Deal Brings Heart Doctors to Kalispell, Missoulian

August 8, 2000–Pioneers Head Up Symposium, Missoulian

August 7, 2000–At The Heart of Research, Missoulian

August 7, 2000–Ultrasound Shows the Heart at Work, Missoulian

June 23, 2000–Procedure Treats Aneurysm through Patient’s Artery, Missoulian

June 16, 2000–Adapting Arteries, Missoulian

 August 12, 1999–Brush With Fate: Missoula Artists Paintings Give Thanks for Procedure that Saved His Life, Missoulian

August 11, 1999–Robot Aids High-Tech Operation, Missoulian

August 10, 1999–Discipline Dividing: With Advances in Knowledge, Cardiac Surgery Requires More Specialists, Missoulian

April 4, 1999–Honduran Woman’s Heart Repaired by Missoula Team, Missoulian

August 14, 1998–Pioneering Doctor Predicts Advances in Pigs, Technology: Heart Valve Transplants, Missoulian

August 12, 1998–Heart to Heart: Patient Meets Pioneer of Life-Enhancing Surgical Technique, Missoulian

August 11, 1998–Echos Reveal Heart’s Secrets for Earlier Diagnosis, Missoulian