Solution and Method for Treating Autologous Tissue for Implant Operation

Inventors: Carlos M.G. Duran, MD, PhD, David T. Cheung, PhD, David C. Pang, MS

This invention describes an aqueous solution containing a water-miscible organic solvent, polyethylene glycol, and heparin that is used to modify the tissue reactivity of freshly obtained autologous tissue. Immersion in the solution renders the tissue temporarily more rigid than its native state and better suited for shaping, molding, handling, and cutting prior to implantation. The implant is highly resistant or immune to thickening, contraction, and reduced fibrin deposition after it is implanted and exposed to the bloodstream of the host.

United States Patent Number: 6,352,708
International Patent Numbers: WO 97/32472, WO 98/07452, WO 99/66967, GB 0716161
Date Filed: October 14, 1999
Date Awarded: March 5, 2002
Assigned To: IHIMF