Carlos M. G. Duran, MD, PhD

Carlos M. G. Duran, MD, PhDProfessor Duran is an internationally renowned cardiac surgeon and scientist specializing in heart valve reconstruction and replacement. He is a pioneer in the use of natural tissues for heart valve surgery.

After medical school at Madrid University and surgical residencies at several Paris hospitals, Dr. Duran continued his training and education at London and Oxford Universities from 1959 to 1967, where he earned his Ph.D. doing pioneering research on heart valve transplantation. His research thesis resulted in the first successful human aortic valve implantation, which was performed in London in 1962 by Mr. Donald R. Ross, and in the the first porcine aortic valve transplantation, which was performed in Paris in 1965 by Dr. J.P. Binet.

After 1967, Dr. Duran held teaching, clinical, and research appointments at several university medical centers, where he continued his research work into heart valves and mitral valve reconstruction surgical techniques. In 1976, he invented and patented the Duran Ring™, a flexible prosthetic medical device made of synthetic material that is sewn to the supportive framework of a weak and dilated heart valve to provide needed support.

Dr. Duran held the post of Chairman of the Cardiovascular Department at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia prior to coming to The International Heart Institute of Montana in 1994. Dr. Duran participated on the editorial boards of ten medical journals, is a member of 30 national and international medical societies, and his work in valve surgery has led to more than 300 peer-reviewed publications, 33 chapters in medical texts, and an astounding 450 professional papers presented at scientific meetings around the world.