Heart Information

Terrence Sweeney - Rock Creek
– The anatomy of the heart, blood, blood vessels, heartbeat,  conduction system, coronary arteries, and heart valves.

Diagnosing Heart Disease 
– Descriptions of the many tools used to diagnose heart disease, including advanced imaging techniques and diagnostic cardiac catheterization.

Heart Conditions 
– From angina to vulnerable plaque, cardiovascular diseases are complex disorders that affect millions of Americans.

The Heart Valve Center 
– The International Heart Institute of Montana Foundation is a resource for physicians and patients who have an interest in learning more about heart valve disease.

How Healthy is your Heart? 
– Take this quiz to learn about the many factors that influence heart health.

Managing Heart Disease 
– The relationship between heart disease and cholesterol, smoking, obesity, physical inactivity, stress, and alcohol consumption.

Heart Medications 
– Medicines used to control blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol, blood clotting, and the many other physiological processes involved in heart disease and heart health.

Treatment of Heart Disease 
– Modern medicine has produced truly amazing interventional procedures and cardiovascular and thoracic surgeries to treat or cure heart disease.

Who are the Heart Doctors? 
– What is the difference between a cardiologist and a cardiothoracic surgeon?