Mold to Form Stent-less Replacement Heart Valves from Biological Membranes

Inventors: Carlos M. G. Duran, MD, PhD, and Joon Hock Yeo, PhD

This invention describes a template that is used to mold a flat biological membrane into a shape that can be surgically sewn together and implanted to replace a diseased heart valve. Each template includes three laterally-joined impressions that create one leaflet of the replacement heart valve. The negative template has concave surfaces, and the positive template has convex surfaces that mate with the concave surfaces of the first template. Each side of the template is made from a thin, shell-like material with beveled edges. The biological membrane is placed between the two pieces of the template to create a tricuspid  heart valve prosthesis.

United States Patent Number: 6,491,511
International Patent Number: WO 98/32401
Date Filed: October 14, 1999
Date Awarded: December 10, 2002
Assigned To: IHIMF