Reed Valve for Implantation into Mammalian Blood Vessels and Heart with Optional Temporary or Permanent Support

Inventor: Carlos M.G. Duran, MD, PhD

This invention describes a process to create a prosthetic, multi-leaflet valve from a biologic membrane or from a biocompatible synthetic membrane. The valve is shaped like a truncated cone; it has inflow and an outflow orifices whereby leaflets form the outflow orifice and a plurality of commissures. A first flexible stent (18 in fig.) is removably affixed in a substantially circular fashion around the truncated cone in the proximity of the inflow orifice, and a second flexible stent (17 in fig.) is removably affixed at the location of the commissures to form a circle around the truncated cone in proximity of the outflow orifice. The stents maintain the shape of the valve during the surgical implantation procedure. Each stent independently can be left in the valve or can be removed during the implantation procedure based upon the judgement of the cardiac surgeon performing the implantation procedure. A holder designed to maintain the geometry of the valve during implantation to a mammal is also described.

United States Patent Number: 7,160,320
Foreign Patent Number: WO 200204037 A1
Date Filed: April 11, 2003
Date Awarded: January 9, 2007
Assigned to: IHIMF