LSS of 4-Site

Clinical Area

Cardiac Electrophysiology

Study Title LSS of 4-Site
Purpose of Research

The objective of this study is to evaluate, document and report on the appropriate clinical performance, the long-term reliability and the functional integrity of a 4-SITE Lead/Header System. This 4-SITE Lead/Header System consists of a 4-Site ENDOTAK RELIANCE defibrillation lead connected to a 4-SITE Header of a single or dual chamber implanted cardioverter defibrillator or cardiac resynchronization therapy ICD pulse generator.

Participant Description Patients who are asked to participate in this study are people who have an FDA Boston Scientific CRM implantable device system to regulate their heart.
Principal Investigator Simone Musco, MD
Study Coordinator Kristen Schooler, CCRC
Study Status Follow-up