Our Logo

The logo for the International Heart Institute of Montana was designed to reflect the broad focus of the Institute’s global efforts and local pride in its efforts in Missoula, Montana. The logo has a timeless, cross-cultural identity. The horse is a positive image worldwide. Used in the heraldry of nations for thousands of years, it symbolizes grace, strength, and energy.

The logo is rendered in the style of prehistoric and Native American lodge painting. It includes a circle of dots, representing the Native American medicine wheel, and a “heart line” characteristic of totemic art, invoking health and vitality.

Montana Artist Larry Pirnie

The International Heart Institute of Montana Foundation has a long and valued relationship with Montana artist Larry Pirnie. Pirnie has provided the artwork for the Rocky Mountain Valve Symposium since 1995, and his work has become synonymous with IHIMF. The vivid colors and energetic themes in his artwork reflect the attitude and style of the Symposium. Pirnie’s ability to capture the grandeur, beauty, power, and color of our West constantly reminds us that the heart powers our bodies but beautiful art powers our souls. Larry Pirnie’s art can be viewed and purchased at the Pirnie Art Showroom.