Sigmoid Valve and Method for its Percutaneous Implantation

Inventors: Carlos M.G. Duran, MD, PhD (Parts 1 and 2), and Mark L. Sanz, MD (Part 1)

This invention describes the process of creating and adapting a prosthetic, multi-leaflet valve to replace a diseased valve by incorporating it into and delivering it percutaneously via an endovascular stent. After the new valve is percutaneously placed in the desired location, the stent is expanded and becomes affixed to the vessel wall. The new valve is shaped like a truncated cone, and it has an inflow and an outflow orifice. Its leaflets form the outflow orifice and a plurality of commissures. A first flexible circular support is affixed in a substantially circular fashion around the truncated cone in proximity of the inflow orifice, and a second flexible circular support is affixed at the location of the commissures to form a circle around the truncated cone in proximity of the outflow orifice. The circular supports maintain the shape of the valve during the surgical implantation procedure and thereafter.

United States Patent Numbers: 7,125,418 (Part 1); and 7,806,920 (Part 2)
Date Filed: April 11, 2003 (Part 1); September 21, 2006 (Part 2)
Date Awarded: October 24, 2006 (Part 1); October 5, 2010 (Part 2)
Assigned To: IHIMF