Turning Ideas into
Products that Improve Lives

bovine-graft_thumbThe International Heart Institute of Montana Foundation has been turning ideas into products that improve lives since 1995 under the leadership of Dr. Carlos M. G. Duran, an internationally recognized cardiac surgeon, researcher, inventor, and educator.

Before clinical research can begin, the safety, effectiveness, and biocompatibility of drugs and medical devices are tested in a laboratory setting. Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and stringent laboratory standards must be followed to ensure comprehensive protocol development, accurate data collection, and reliable results. Thorough and complete pre-clinical testing leads to more beneficial and effective clinical research. The International Heart Institute of Montana Foundation has conducted pre-clinical studies on valvular integrity, the use of natural tissues for implantation as blood vessel grafts, tissue engineering, and general studies on tissue characteristics, treatment, and analysis. Read more about our work on our Publications page.

Our surgeons, cardiologists, and research scientists are ready to provide consultation, interpretive and technical support, as well as development and/or valdiation of your research methods. IHIMF also conducts symposia, workshops, and educational and training opportunities.

Two fully staffed laboratories provide:

  • AAALAC-Accredited Research Facilities
  • GLP Studies
  • Protocol Development