Vasculature of the Leg

Arteries of the Leg

The main artery of the leg is the femoral artery, which branches from the abdominal aorta. The femoral artery divides into the popliteal artery, which branches to become the anterior and posterior tibial arteries. The arcuate artery can be found in the ankle.

Veins of the Leg

The main vein of the leg is the great saphenous vein. Many smaller veins circulate theĀ blood back to the saphenous vein, which then flows into the femoral vein before returning to the heart via the external iliac vein and inferior vena cava.


The circulatory system carries blood to all parts of the body, and the one-way flow of blood within the body is called circulation. Arteries (carrying oxygen-rich blood) transport blood away from the heart. Veins (carrying oxygen-poor blood) transport blood back to the heart.


Texas Heart Institute