What is a Researcher?

Medical researchers study, test, and discover new treatments that improve the quality of life for patients with cardiovascular disease. Current treatment methods and devices are available today because of cardiovascular medical research, some of which has been performed at The International Heart Institute of Montana Foundation (IHIMF). Research at IHIMF has focused on:
• Heart Valve Repair
• Cardiovascular Surgery
• Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering
• Blood Vessel Grafting
Clinical Trials

Based on the pioneering efforts of Prof. Carlos M. G. Duran, MD, PhD, the primary focus of the cardiovascular surgical research laboratory has focused on heart valve disease.

A Team Approach
A research team is staffed by physicians, nurses, scientists, statisticians, writers, and support staff. Close proximity between medical researchers and patient care provides ensures academic discussion and idea development between those “in the field” and those “behind the bench.” Great innovations in patient care are made when researchers and patient care providers work together to problem-solve and collaborate on ideas.


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